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Download PDF Catalogue

Archivision Library Pre-Built Collections

We have loaded the Archivision Library into the following popular image delivery systems:


1) MDID (produced by James Madison University) Note: this is Windows based software. Users on any platform access MDID via web browsers and presentation software is Mac and PC compatible. Please click here for more info.


1) EmbARK Cataloguer (produced by Gallery Systems) Note: you need a software license to use this software; for web access you need to also license Web Kiosk for an additional fee and yearly support fees are recommended; runs on both Mac and PC. Please click here for more info.

2) Luna (produced by Luna Imaging) Note: you need a software license to use this software; Luna runs on Mac and PC. Please click here for more info.


With each of the above software systems (except Luna) you will be able to receive our Digital Library pre-built as a collection. The way this will work depends on the software involved. However, in all cases we will deliver the images in the specified default image sizes as per the requirements of each software system and in the required directory folders. We will also supply the corresponding metadata file(s) with our data ready to be imported in the easiest possible way. Note: If you use MDID you can change the title of our field names to better match the ones you currently use and customization is possible within EmbARK Cataloguer. If you use Luna it is recommended that you use our Archival TIFF files to generate your Luna derivatives. Archivision does not offer software support.

Elect to 'merge' or let 'stand alone':

With the above options you can then elect to leave the Archivision Collection 'alone' or 'merge' it with your system. If you are going to merge with your system we can help! See our Data Services for more info.

Annual image & data updates:

Leaving our collection alone will require the least effort on your part PLUS you will then be able to take advantage of our free yearly Collection Updates in which we will make updated images and data available so you may replace enhanced or added images and metadata files with new ones.


For image size specs and upgrade fees, click here.

Questions? Need a quote? Please email: