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Download PDF Catalogue

The Archivision Research Library
(currently 124,000 18 - 69 MB TIFF & JPEG derivative files and over 200 HD videos)

The Library is only licensed in sequential modules. All license fees
are ONE-TIME and in perpetuity.

The Archivision Research Library is a unique collection of high quality images – photographed by a professional photographer, trained as an architect, and past Visual Resource curator.

Each site documentation is extensive – intending to provide for in-depth visual research and analysis by students of architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, archaeology, art and art history.

124,000 Images

A core architecture collection covering important Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, 18th and 19th Century, Islamic and Modern sites, gardens, parks and works of public art. The Library can only be licensed in modules, starting with the Base Collection of 16,000 images. The Library expands each year via Addition Modules of 6,000 images each. The Addition Modules are licensed in sequence only, as they complement the growth and balance of the Library as a whole. Each Module contains a mix of material spanning multiple countries and time periods to enhance its use in all curricula. No images are repeated.


Remote Hosted Server Options

We offer two hosted server solutions: 1) with MDID, via vrcHost, and 2) with LUNA, on a Luna Imaging, Inc. server. Once you license our content you may gain immediate access to that content as per the details listed here.


Subscription Options

We offer two subscription options: 1) Simply Subscribe, and 2) Subscribe to Own. Both options are available in either MDID and LUNA.


Collection Management and Access Options

The Archivision Library has options for every stage of digital collection development – and every budget. For those institutions that have already chosen cataloging and delivery systems software, the Archivision Library is easy to load with ample format and derivative image choices and rich metadata (VRA Core 4) that is mappable to any standard. The Archivision Library has been successfully used in all the major delivery systems.


Custom Data Assistance

You may contract with Susan Jane Williams, Archivision Data Specialist, if additional help is needed.


Cataloging Systems

Need a cataloging system as well?

Request the Archivision Library delivered within VCat. VCat is a free cataloging utility written in FileMaker Pro that is VRA Core 4 and CCO compliant. It can output records in Core 4 XML. Get the Archivision Library cataloged within VCat and get a jumpstart on cataloging your own local content! FileMaker version 7+ is required to use VCat.

The Archivision Digital Research Library
is an extensive and unique image collection, designed specifically for faculty and students in the visual arts. It comes ready to be published on your restricted server or access it via one of our TWO remote hosted access options!


to test drive our MDID DEMO complete with full metadata and
currently 114,000 images loaded (the full 123,000 by fall 2020)

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