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See also >> Simply Subscribe

SUBSCRIBE TO OWN to the current full and growing Library of over 105,000 images, via a flat annual subscription fee.

Buy over time -- like subscription -- but you own content over time.

After two years of subscription payments (sequential or not) we will grant ownership of the Base Module of 16,000 images to your institution or consortium with a signed Site License. Once this two-year term is met, if you continue with your subscription, we will grant ownership of another module of 6000 images (in sequence only) after each following year of subscription payments. Upon completion of each term for ownership, we will send out the images on a hard drive, so you may archive them, and you will need to sign a Site License for ownership before the first shipment.

:: What does it mean?
Subscription means you rent access to downloadable images of a limited size. Choose MDID or Luna as your interface. Full access is given to our rich metadata. Subscription is renewable on an annual basis and you may cancel at the end of any period for which the subscription has been paid.

Subscription download access is to a maximum JPEG file of 1,500 pixels (which is 1/4 the size of full ownership, which allows access to a 3,100 pixel file, on your server or via our hosted access options).

Ownership has its benefits:
With ownership your users can count on the images they have come to depend on being there year after year. Furthermore you can:

1) Host content you own locally or access it via a third party hosting service such as vrcHost in MDID3, Luna, or ARTstor’s Shared Shelf;
2) Download full resolution images and videos;
3) Save money over the long run!

You may choose to switch from Subscribe To Own to a purchase model at any time

:: Delivery options:
Choose your interface: MDID3 or LUNA

>> Test drive both interface choices before you choose!

:: MDID3 – enter demo
:: LUNA – enter demo

:: Cancellation:
Upon cancellation of subscription access, you agree to give up the right to use the images and destroy all downloaded media, with the exception of content we have granted ownership via a signed Site License, where applicable.


:::  Annual Subscribe to Own Fee Schedule  :::

Subscribe to Own rates paid are currently to access 90,000 images and these rates are guaranteed for four years at a time, even as our Library grows by 6,000* new images a year.

Tier number of full & part time students or less


Annual subscription fee (where you rent access to the full Library)

Fee to purchase full Library at 105,000 images

(you may split payment over 2 or 3 fiscal years)

Annual hosted access fee

(where you have paid the licensing fees and own Library but access it on a remote server)
1 500:
2 750:
3 1000:
4 2000:
5 3000:
6 4000:
7 5000:
8 6000:
9 7000:
10 8000:
11 9000:
12 10,000:
13 12,500:
14 15,000:
15 17,500:
16 20,000:
17 22,500:
18 25,000:
19 30,000:
20 35,000:
21 40,000:
22 45,000:
23 50,000:

Over 50,000

Ask for a quote

Ask for quote

Ask for quote

Yes, we welcome subscription via consortia. A formal consortia of two or more institutions will receive a discount off our subscription fee. Ask for a quote!


The Subscribe To Own option is available to Public Libraries and Museums via a custom quote only. For more information, contact Maureen Burns at

For all the details about these two subscription options please CLICK on your chosen provider and print the document (right click to download PDF):



*We produce two new Addition Modulew of 9000 images each spring; after two years of consecutive subscription you will be accessing an additional 18,000 images to the number you started with. Subscription rates are subject to change without notice for new subscribers. The rate paid when you start your subscription is guaranteed for four consecutive years only. You may pay in advance and receive a discount (if you pay for two years in advance we will give you ownership of the Base Module with initial payment and take 10% off the subscription fee).


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Questions? Need a quote? Please email: