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Sample Data

Susan Jane Williams catalogs all Archivision records into VCat, and brings all Archivision metadata into VRA Core 4 and CCO compliance. Our extensive, accurate metadata is compliant to library systems and is easily mappable. We offer up to 5 free hours of mapping assistance with each Library module order (contact Susan at For additional and custom assistance you may contract with Susan. You may also request to receive the Archivision Library in VCat, an open source cataloguing utility written in FileMaker, allowing you to add and catalog your own content. For more information on VCat and this option please click here.

Great Temple of Abu Simbel

Data: Excel / XML

Musée d'Orsay

Data: Excel / XML

Cornaro Chapel

Data: Excel / XML

Ecstasy of Saint Theresa

Data: Excel / XML

Urban Views, Chicago

Data: Excel / XML

Hill House Light Fixture

Data: Excel / XML

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