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About Us

Archivision is a major supplier of professional images on architecture, gardens, parks, landscapes, public art and design for educational & commercial use. We have been professionally photographing historic & contemporary sites around the world since 1993 and are continually adding to our two archives as described below:

The Archivision Educational Archive

We currently hold over 133,000 digital files in the Archivision Research Library which consists of approximately 55% architecture (most periods); 20% gardens & landscapes; 20% art; and 5% miscellaneous design topics. The ibrary was created for an in-depth study and analysis by students of architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, art history and art. Documentation has been achieved through multiple images of a single subject affording a comprehensive understanding of the principle aspects of design and content in combination with rich, professionally researched and cataloged VRA Core 4 metadata. Where possible, drawings & models are photographed from original and copyright-free sources. Our clients are librarians and image curators who order with institutional purchase order numbers.

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The Archivision Commercial Archive

We currently hold over 35,000 images in our Commercial Archive of creative content (clouds, textures, city scenics, night views, etc.). Over 350 of these images are currently represented exclusively by Alamy, a world leader in rights-protected & royaly-free stock photography, at



  • Scott Gilchrist, B. Arch., M. Arch., is the founder and past President of Archivision Inc. (now dissolved). Scott is the main photographer of both the Archivision Educational & Commercial Archives. Scott may be reached at .

  • Currenlty Heidi Raatz (Susan Jane Williams before 2020), Data Specialist. Heidi catalogues our annual Library Modules using VRA Core 4. Note: The entire Archivision Library is available free of charge pre- catalogued in VCat (a FileMkaker Pro database utility) created and curated by Susan Jane Williams. For full information please click here

  • Maureen Burns, Ed.E., MA in Art History, Archivision Library Sales Representative. Maureen is the world-wide sales rep for the Archivision Library on behalf of
  • Contributing photographers: André Donais, Maureen Burns, and Julien Sirard. Past contributors: 1) Virginie Novak; 2) Yan Drapeau; 3) David Parry; 4) Wil Meacham; 5) Marc Régnier; 6) Dana Dequire; 8) Sebastien Hebert); 9) Oksana Lysanko; 10) Wellesley Robertson III


    • Current: Heid Raatz (past: Susan Jane Williams), Data Specialist.

      Past members of our team:
    • Kathleen Wilson Ruffo, Ph.D. (Art History), researches public art subjects, generates biographies for our EmbARK database, and does editorial work. Kathleen was also instrumental in planning the structure of our EmbARK database and helped extensively with many of its authority files.
    • Marlene Philion-Jacques, BA (Art History), researched public art subjects.
    • Olga M. Williams-Klement, B. Arch., RIBA, was our editor and researcher for architectural subjects.




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