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Search and Discovery
MDID offers faceted search results, simple and advanced search options, and full text search to discover images, audio, video and PDFs.
Personalized Content
Add media by uploading your own content or choose Flickr integration.
Web 2.0 Tools
Direct linking to search results, images and presentations allows users to easily integrate select content with social media, courseware, etc.
Build and show presentations in single or dual projection classrooms, perform dynamic zooming, panning, side-by-side comparisons, add annotations, export to PowerPoint, and more!
Access Controls
Control access to individual images, collections, and presentations.  Restrict delivered image sizes dependent on a user's role at the institution.

:: Basic Plan

  • Access to collections offered through vrcHost partner vendors (ownership or subscription access as per your license status and availability)
  • Limited amount of storage space to supplement those collections with your own images (up to 25 GB or around 5000 5 MB JPEG/pdf files)
  • Faculty may download up to 1,500 pixel files (long side); students up to 1024 pixel files (long side)
  • Download up to 3,100 pixel files for images you own
  • Unlimited access for Subscriber via IP range you provide
  • One user account for manager / curator to upload content for faculty
  • Up to 15 faculty accounts to create slideshows
  • Optional read-only access to all users within a given IP address range
  • Access to user and image access logs (setup fee applies)
  • Google Analytics integration (setup fee applies)

:: Extended Plan includes all features of the Basic Plan and:

  • Much more storage space for your own content (see hosting fee table here )
  • Manually configured individual user accounts for everybody at your institution for full access to all MDID functionality for all
  • Optional integration with your institution’s user authentication system (fees apply)
  • Optional customization of the user interface and features to your specifications (fees apply)
  • Request integration with vendor partner collections you own at vrcHost (fees apply)
  • Request integration with vendor partner collections offered for subscription at vrcHost (fees apply)
  • Request integration with content you own and host on your server in MDID3 with vendor partners collections you own or subscribe to (fees apply)
  • Flickr image search integration (setup fee applies)
  • Access via Shibboleth (setup fee applies)

Please contact vrcHost for more information and a customized Extended Plan quote.

Support Options


  • Free MDID support is available by joining the MDID user group listserv here

  • Paid
  • You may also contract with vrcHost for an optional paid support plan. Please contact vrcHost for more information:

  • Off-Campus access by IP address

  • The Subscriber’s IT department may set up access through proxy or VPN. All such access is outside the scope of this service.

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    >>>>> See Subscribe to Own

    Note: with ownership and hosting in MDID at vrcHost or your institution faculty and students will be able to download the full file resolution at 3,100 pixels (long side), ideal for zooming in and hi def projectors.

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  • Questions? Need a quote? Please email: