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:: What does it mean?
Own a new Archivision module each year subscription payments are made while your end users gain access to the complete Archivision Research Library of over 133,000 spectacular and professional images. Subscription provides access is to 1,500 pixel files, whereas ownership of modules gives your end users access to the full digital file of 3,100 pixels to 6,000 pixels. Content delivery is via hosted access through the MDID or LUNA delivery system using your institution’s IP range. These hosted options provide the added advantage of powerful image discovery, management and presentation tool options. Each image comes with rich, extensive VRA Core descriptive metadata. The annual subscription fee is guaranteed to remain the same as long as you renew your subscription annually. You may cancel at any time. At the end of each subscription year, you will then own an additional module in perpetuity and can build to ownership of the complete Archivision Research Library over time.

There are 24 modules in total = 24 years of annual subscription payments to reach ownership of the full Library. Alternatively, you may request bi-annual subscription payments and acquire the Library twice as fast or you may request a quote from your sales representative to own multiple modules or the complete Library at any time.

The Archivision Research Library was initiated (in digital format) in 2005 and contains the following modules:

  • Base Module (charter collection of 16,000 mostly architecture images)
  • Modules 1-15 (6,000 mostly architecture images in each)
  • Modules 16-18 (3,000 architecture and art images in each)
  • Modules A, B, C, D, E (3,000 art only images in each)

  • Ownership modules will be provided in sequential order starting with the Base Module, followed by 1 through 18, then the 5 art only modules. You may request other sequences with your sales representative. Subscription download access provides a maximum JPEG file of 1,500 pixels (1/4 of the size of full ownership, which allows access to a minimum 3,100 pixel and up to 6,000 pixel files).

    :: How does it work?

    Your institution will sign a Subscribe to Own license agreement which conveys ownership of the Base Module (16,000 images) at the end of the subscription year. Upon completion of each annual renewal of your subscription, we will grant ownership of the next module in your sequence and continue granting ownership. An addendum to the original license will grant institutional ownership of each new module with no further action needed. Upon completion of each term for ownership, vrcHost or LUNA, depending on who you choose as your service provider, can turn on access to the full files you now own in MDID (free) or LUNA (if you contract for hosted access) and/or vrcHost will make the full files and metadata of the modules you own available online via links for download. You may then ingest the images/metadata into the collection management system and/or institutional repository of your choice (or JSTOR Forum, etc.)

    >> All Subscribe to Own payments include access to the full Archivision Library in the open source MDID system or LUNA with full metadata –– when you own the full Library you can continue to access the Library with MDID or LUNA as your hosted collection provider. Why not add your own content and keep all your local and unique content in one multifunctional MDID or LUNA system?

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    Tier # of full & part time students or less Annual SUBSCRIBE TO OWN Fee
    1 5,000 $1,750
    2 10,000 $2,500
    3 20,000 $3,000
    4 30,000 $3,500
    5 40,000 $4,000
    6 50,000 $4,500

    :: Cancellation:
    Upon cancellation of Simply Subscribe you agree to give up the right to use the images and destroy all downloaded media, with the exception of content we have granted ownership via a signed Site License, where applicable. For full information please read the License Agreement for the delivery option of your choice found in red below.

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