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for art education videos & DVDs


1) How do you configure your Nikon ED 4000 scanner?

.: Screen shot of our Nikon ED 4000 scanner configurations
.: Notes on how to set-up these configurations

2) We would like to scan slides previously ordered from you. What is your policy for this?

NEW: There is now a flat fee of $1.50 per Archivision slide you scan so long as these new digital files will only be made available to the department that originally purchased them and you must sign our Digital License Agreement AA. As soon as you place them on a server and make them available to a wider audience (i.e. another department in your university or your entire university) a flat fee of $2.50 per file applies and you must sign our Digital License Agreement CC. If your university is over 60,000 students a higher fee of $3.00 will apply. If you are scanning slides purchased from us in sets then you have the option of providing us with a list of those image sets and we will supply you with our scans made from the original slides (in other words, for a lower fee we will replace slides you purchased from us in sets only). The fee is $0.75 per file we replace if the new digital files will be kept within the purchasing department and $1.75 when made available to your university ($2.25 when your university is over 60,000 students). Please describe your situation and we will provide a quote.

3) How large is the entire Digital Library in GB?

The "base collection", which will remain at 16,000 images, is around 55 GB (both large & small JPEG files) or 270 GB (if you request our archival 18 MB TIFF files) or a combined 325 GB. Each 'addition module' of 6,000 images is around 18 GB (both large & small JPEG files) or 110 GB (if you request our archival TIFFs) or a combined 130 GB.

4) A professor has downloaded many of your images for classroom use. She understands that she may keep the images in her domain so long as she is teaching at the university (as outlined in your Fair Use Clause). Now she plans to leave the university and would like to take the images with her. What should she do?

She should contact us at and arrange to license the images she has retained in her private collection at the rate of $0.50 per file in SETS ONLY (fee includes the derivative file). Or, she can arrange for the new institution where she will teach to license our Digital Library.

Note: the same applies to a student or anyone who was part of the department/university community and wishes to leave with our images.

5) There are a few members of our staff that find your © watermark, as small as it is, distracting on some images, especially the art images. Is there anyway we may obtain permission to remove them?

Our © watermark is very important. Digital images are easily copied and will no doubt end up in the hands of many people long removed from the original source. Our watermark informs anyone that the image is copyright protected and where to find the source should they wish to use the image.

The copyright reads: <© Scott Gilchrist />, and is placed in one of the four corners of each image, including derivative files. We have tried to make them as small as possible, only visible at 100% in the larger files; they are more visible in the derivative files.

If a professor would like to remove the © notice he/she may do so but only for files that he/she will keep in their private collection and only after he/she has notified us and licensed the images at $0.50 each. The professor will then need to enter our © info into the "file info" section of Photoshop before removing it visually from the image.

If he/she is unable to do this we will do it for a fee. Please have him/her contact us at .

6) We are interested in your Library addition modules. How long will it take until we receive all the images in your archive?

There are currently an additional 70,000 images to add form our Slide Archive to the Digital Archive, at the rate of 6,000 new additions per year it will take us 11 years to complete these additions, or 11 years of new addition modules.

However, we also photograph on average an additional 5,000 new images each year. Thus with new material coming in all the time there could conceivably be no end to our yearly addition modules!


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Questions? Need a quote? Please email: