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LUNA Viewer
LUNA includes category viewing: Who, What, When, Where; faceted search results, simple and advanced search options, and full text search.
Viewing Tools
Seamlessly browse images, audio, video, PDF, and BookReader media. Continuously zoom on high-resolution images and book pages.
Organize and Manage
Media Groups allow users to easily organize their saved searches and select content.
Personalized Content
Add media through My Uploads and Flickr integration.
Web 2.0 Tools
Linking and embedding tools allow users to easily and creatively integrate select content with social media, courseware, etc.
Build dynamic presentations and slide shows, export to PowerPoint, add annotations and more.

Included in Simply Subscribe fee:

  • Access to content in the Luna Commons — currently over 300,000 images from multiple collections
  • Student / patron access is to a max file size of 768 pixels (long side) for download via IP range
  • Faculty / staff access is to a max file size of 1536 pixels (long side) for download (up to 15 faculty accounts will be given out by Luna at the start of the subscription which allows for this larger download file)
  • Anyone may go online and create a patron / student user account to create Media Groups, Presentations & upload personal content via My Uploads
  • The full file at 3,100 pixels is available for all to view online
  • Any image set created using Media Groups in LUNA can be exported to PowerPoint
  • Presentations created in LUNA can be exported to PowerPoint

  •  Upgrage to LUNA software integration:

    Go beyond Archivision and build your own collections and manage your media and user accounts in LUNA. Link to our website and the pricing chart.

  • the full LUNA toolset for managing media and delivering content to diverse audiences
  • hosting, bandwidth, and support all for a low annual fee based on storage capacity
  • the full LUNA toolset for managing media and delivering content to diverse audiences
  • optional integration with your institution's user authentication
  • optional integration with your institution's discovery service

  • With delivery in LUNA you will have access to all of the features of LUNA including public collections through the LUNA Commons. LUNA clients can simply add Archivision to their own LUNA collections portal.

    LUNA is the most powerful tool available today for exploring digital collections. To learn more you can visit to explore the great features of LUNA.

    >>> Visit Luna Imaging's homepage for more information



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