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The Archivision Library: Module Eight (6000 images)

  • Click the image to see a selection of sample images from this module.


(A8) ADDITION MODULE EIGHT (6,300 + images) (images & data available NOW)
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Module Eight holds extensive new photography in the USA, including: Watts Towers, non-traditional vernacular architecture in Los Angeles, built over a 33-year period by Sabato Rodia; the beautiful pre-weathered steel Arabian Public Library by Richard + Bauer Architecture in Scottsdale AZ; and Simmons Hall at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology by Steven Holl, to name a few. Important works in Germany are covered—the modern Bauhaus Archive by Walter Gropius in Darmstadt, and in Berlin, the Library for the Faculty of Philosophy by Foster + Partners, the German Historical Museum by IM Pei, the German Chancellery by Charlotte Frank and Axel Schultes, other new government buildings around the Reichstag, and art objects in the Bode Museum, such as The Lamentation of Christ by Juan de Valmaseda. From Israel, we include extensive coverage of the White City, Bauhaus-inspired modern architecture in Tel Avi. From Spain, many new works such as the Luna Rossa Team Base by Renzo Piano, America's Cup Building by David Chipperfield, and the Ciudad Politecnica de la Innovacion in Valencia are included; from Madrid, the CaixaForum by Herzog & de Meuron, Hotel Puetra Amercia by Jean Nouvel (with many competing interior designers). From Asia the module holds beautiful images of the Altar to Heaven in Beijing and the Man Mo Temple in Hong Kong. And, there is so much more. This new module is rounded off with over 300 architecture and landscape textures for creative use by your students included FREE and beyond the usual 6000 image count.
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