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ART EDUCATION VIDEOS & DVDs by Masterpieces in Video

Teaching-Award winning university professor, Glenn Scott, Ph.D., brings you unparalleled videos on artists, architects and the cities they created.

All of the following titles are available for purchase as VHS (and some also as DVDs) at Insight Media. To purchase click the following link, enter via US customers (for full selection) and then click on the search button found at the top of the page. Then enter the name of the title you are looking for (or several words in it) and hit return and follow the order instructions.

:: ROME REVISITED: The Renewal of Splendor :

    • "Writer / producer Glenn Scott wisely chose to focus on the late Renaissance and Baroque eras, which provide architectural links to the classical Roman past while featuring some of this millennium's best-known buildings...most libraries will want more than one title for popular destinations like Rome. This is a very good selection: Recommended."

      Video Librarian

      • DATA: 45 minutes / PPR / library case
      • ISBN: 1-896715-00-1


:: CAPITLISING PARIS: Building A City :

    • Learn how Paris grew from a medieval city, cramped in its old walls, to a model capital envied by the world for its boulevards and beautiful architecture for four centuries. This is a documentary more than a travelogue, but it will enhance the experience of any traveller. "What? No tour of the Tour Eiffel, no Seine sightseeing cruise, no visit to the spectacular Opera? While the Gothic era is mentioned, the primary focus is on the 16th and 17th centuries - a pivotal time in French history - and the monumental structures of that era. Also in common with the Rome title, antique maps are used to show the growth and development of the city and its principal structures...this video will give viewers a basic grounding in pre-Revolutionary Paris."

      Video Librarian

      • DATA: 58 minutes / PPR / library case
      • ISBN: 1-896715-01-X

Paris became the city we experience today in the 16th and 17th centuries. Over the last three decades, billions have been spent cleaning and restoring the buildings of this great capital. This video is the key to understanding Paris, its architecture, and its plan.


:: BERNINI SCULPTOR: Bernini's Public Sculpture :

    • S. Bibiana, Ecstasy of S. Teresa, Chigi Chapel (Daniel and Habakkuk), S. Andrea al Quirinale, Elephant Obelisk, Ponte S. Angelo & two original angels in S. Andrea delle Fratte, Altieri Chapel (Blessed Lodovica Albertoni), Special History of Fountains: Neptune Fountain (Florence), Pantheon fountain, Tortoise Fountain, Aqua Paola, Fontana della Baraccia, Triton Fountain, Fontana delle Api, Fountain of Four Rivers (extensive), Fontana del Moro, Trevi Fountain. 1996.

      • DATA: 33 minutes
      • ISBN: 1-896715-02-8


:: BERNINI ARCHITECT: The Great Problem Solver :

    • Piazza del Popolo, Piazza S. Pietro, S. Bibiana, S. Andrea al Quirinale (ext. & int.), S. Tomaso di Villanova at Castel Gandolfo (int. & ext.), S. Maria dell'Assunzione at Ariccia (ext. & int. cleaned!), Special Background on palaces: Palazzo Medici-Riccardi, Palazzo Strozzi, Palazzo Rucellai, Palazzo Farnese, Palazzo della Cancelleria, Palazzo Vidoni-Caffarelli, Palazzo Conservatori, Palazzo di Montecitorio, Palazzo Chig-Odescalchi. 1997.

      • DATA: 30 minutes
      • ISBN: 1-896715-02-7



    • PART ONE: The north - The important architectural innovations:
      Chapel at Germigny-des-Pres (Carolingian); St-Pierre & Notre Dame at Jumieges: Cerisy-la-Foret; St-Etienne at Caen; St-Georges-de-Boscherville; St-Remi at Reims; and the abbey church at St-Benoit-sur-Loire. 1994.

    • PART TWO: Burgundy - New architectural features and wonderful sculpture:
      Tournus, St-Philibert; Paray-le-Monial, Sacre-Coeur; Autun, St-Lazare; Saulieu, St-Andoche; and Vezelay, La Madeleine. 1994.

    • PART THREE: Pilgrimage Routes - Two of the remaining three Pilgrimage churches and important sculpture at Conques & Moissac:
      Conques, Ste-Foy; Issoire, St-Austremoine; Saint-Nectaire; Toulouse, St-Sernin; and Moissac, St-Pierre. 1994.

    • PART FOUR: Southwest & West - Three important domed churches and some surprising, little-known sculpture:
      Cahors, St-Etienne; Perigueux, St-Front; Carennac; Collonges-le-Rouge; Angouleme, St-Pierre; Aulnay-en-Saintonge; Melle, St-Hilaire; and St-Jouin-de-Marnes. 1994.

      • DATA: 47-49 minutes each

This series is in four parts, each building is separated with cue points clearly marked on each video case. There is a continuity maintained in the narration between the buildings and videos, but individual buildings can be shown on their own.

Important architectural and sculptural terms are explained and plans of each church are shown.



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