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The Archivision Digital Research Library:
Pre-Built in MDID!


MDID (Madison Digital Image Database) is an open source internet-based content delivery system designed to allow instructors to teach with digital images and image catalog data. It is produced by James Madison University. It is Windows based and users on any platform access it via web browsers. Presentation software, both online and off line, is Mac OS X and Windows compatible.

>>> For more info and to demo MDID please visit the MDID home page!

In January 2007 Archivision successfully loaded 22,000 records (our Base & Addition Module ONE) into MDID. Working closely with Andreas Knab of MDID we developed a metadata scheme and chart, and created all the needed controlled lists and load instructions. We also generated all the needed MDID derivative files from our archival TIFFS. The load instructions, chart and metadata for our pre-built collection may be downloaded from the following url:


In the above URL Archivision has supplied you with a PDF called Data Loading Instructions which spells out the steps to follow to import and setup our Digital Library. In short, the basic procedure is as follows: 1) create a new collection; 2) create new controlled lists; 3) copy and past our list of values for the given control lists; 4) import the schema file with the Archivision field definitions and modify the options for selected fields; 5) import the data and finally 6) copy over pre-processed images into the full, medium and thumb folders (you do not have to use MDIDs ImageManager if you decide to go with our pre-processed images - we have generated our MDID derivatives in Photoshop and we find the quality is better).

Also in the above URL Archivision has supplied you with an XML schema file to setup the Archivision fields in your new Archivision collection. Due to the limitations of MDID2 at this time, we cannot specify all parameters for these fields. A separate PDF is available showing what modifications will need to be done to the field parameters.

Archivision also has supplied text files containing all the values for controlled lists. You may choose to use all, some or none of these lists. To use the controlled lists, you will first have to create them in MDID and then copy and paste from the supplied files. In other words, we are saving you from having to type in the data yourself by giving you lists of our specific and controlled vocabulary. This will allow your users to consult a list of terms/vocabulary to use when searching that directly corresponds to the terms used in our collection. And finally, you will find all the metadata under MDID Ready. Please choose the version of MDID you have and download the zip files and import as per the Data Loading Instructions.

If you have MDID the following image derivatives will come with your order of our Digital Library:

MDID2 default image jpeg derivatives (long side):

a) FULL: 3,100 pixels
b) MEDIUM: 800 pixels / or choose 1200 pixels
c) THUMB: 96 pixels

If you would like to 'merge' our metadata with yours and need help please see our Data Prep Services for help with our Excel data files.

for more about our Library and other software/access options
please see Library Access Options



- download free sample digital files -

sample LARGE file | sample SMALL file


- accueil -


Questions? Besoin d'une proposition de prix? Veuillez nous contacter au: