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Links to other large educational image vendors in North America:

  • SCHOLARS RESOURCE: A marketplace for art and architecture images for educational use, including material from most major image vendors and from selected museums. Browse or search their beautiful online catalogue and order and download custom image sizes online! Currently Scholars Resource holds the Archivision Base Collection of 16,000 images. You may license single images from our collection using their sophisticated online search with shopping basket and Wish List functions. Prices are as per their price calculator.
  • ART on FILE: ART on FILE was founded in 1982, by Rob Wilkinson and Colleen Chartier. Following a National Endowment for the Arts - Design Arts Grant in 1987, ART on FILE has continued to address a broad range of design challenges which effect the quality of public spaces. Through the documentation of outstanding projects around the world, ART on FILE images and research provide students, faculty and design professionals.
  • DAVIS ART SLIDES: Davis supplies textbook programs that fit your curriculum, resource books that inform and enrich your teaching, slides sets chosen from the best museums around the world, plus videos, CD-ROMs, and a host of other resources that help make art teaching dynamic, immediate, and memorable. Davis also supplies digital sets.
  • HARTHILL ART ASSOCIATES: An architecture and visual arts resource archive for educators, researchers, and media professionals.

Links to other educational image resources:

  • IMAGE VENDORS: Here is a single source for all major image vendors worldwide, courtesy of Don Beetham, member of the VRA (Visual Resources Association).

Link to an online subscription image source:

  • ARTstor: ARTstor has over 300,000 digital files, mostly art related images, many from museums, which your institution may access via an online subscription fee.

Links to architecture & art related sites, directories, image libraries, etc.:

  • Ashes2Art: An innovative interdisciplinary concept that combines art history, archaeology, graphic and web design, 3D animation and digital photography to recreate monuments of the ancient past online. It is the only program of its kind focused on a web-based, open-source presentation of its materials. Faculty and students conduct focused research on specific monuments, visit the locations, shoot high resolution digital panoramas, write essays that summarize scholarly opinions based on published archaeological reports, and document those sources with extended bibliographies.
  • Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA): An international research centre and museum devoted to architecture / Un centre international de recherche et un musée qui se consacre a l'architecture.
  • The Ancient Art & Architecture Collection Ltd.: Worldwide historical images of artifacts and architecture from Pre-history to the 19th century. Long established UK based archive.
  • RIBApix: A growing database of images from the collections of the British Architectue Library at the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). Low res files are free; hi res files may be ordered online.
  • Architecture Week: A great forum covering what's new, competitions, directories, and more.
  • All Art Schools: Students can use our free comprehensive database of U.S. art schools to search for everything from associate's to doctoral degrees in over 50 business-related concentrations, including painting, theatre, music and art history.
  • World Wide Arts Resources: The comprehensive arts registry on the WWW.
  • Planning & Architecture Internet Resources Center
  • Internet for the Arts: This is a comprehensive network of artist, galleries, museums, organizations, and resources relating to the fine arts. If you have an interest in the fine arts, be sure to explore this site.

Links to other interesting sites:

  • VRA HOME PAGE: The VRA (Visual Resources Association) is a non-profit organization established to further research and education in the field of visual resources and to promote a spirit of cooperation among the members of the profession.
  • Italian Sojourns: Here you will find a wonderful source for hundreds of places to stay while visiting Italia!
  • The Graphic Design Resource Center: Here is a great place to start if you are looking for graphics or if you are a graphic designer.




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