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More about EmbARK Cataloguer

EmbARK utilizes the 4th Dimension (4D) database engine. You can learn more about it at Basically, it is a relational database with tables for cataloguing each work of art or site, artists, agents, bibliography, images, and grouping records into Portfolios. A single user license is for a single-user implementation (just operating on one computer). EmbARK is also available in a client/server implementation as well so that you can have multiple concurrent users doing data entry.

The original source images are stored as external files. When the image is linked to the database record, EmbARK stores the file path to the image (as well as other image metadata like size and dates). It also makes a 128 pixel thumbnail and 300 pixel preview image that are stored as compressed JPG files inside the database. EmbARK has extensive source management tools built-in to help manage the linked digital files (such as renaming, copying, or moving them). The current 4D record limit is somewhere around 16 billion records. Current system requirements are posted at:

EmbARK also has numerous data export options. All fields from all tables can be exported in ASCII format or right into Excel. You can choose any field/record delimiters for the export file that you prefer. Extended maintenance & support contracts are available for the cost of $500/year/user. A 60 day free support period is supplied with each license. The Support contract provides unlimited assistance via phone or email, access to the online support center at and upgrades. Additional training and consulting services are also available at hourly or daily rates.

Users can save object record sets as Portfolios and designate them to be private or shared. If shared, the portfolio can be made modifiable or not to enable collaboration between users. The EmbARK Web Kiosk add-on module provides online access via the Internet and has a similar function for creating shared user portfolios. You can see a good example at There are various means for restricting access to images -- depending upon whether access is provided through the native EmbARK interface or through the Web Kiosk. EmbARK allows records to be made read/write, read-only, or restricted based on User Group assignments. Web Kiosk provides passwords on the site as a whole and/or on the original source images. It is also possible with Web Kiosk to restrict access for end-users to just the class-specific user portfolios for which they have a user name and password.

EmbARK could be the cataloguing and archival system that you've been looking for.

For more info on EmbARK Cataloguer you may call Robb Detlefs, EmbARK Product Manager, at 510.652.8950.




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