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Download PDF Catalogue

The EmbARK Cataloguer database

We enhanced the software, creating the Archivision-EmbARK Cataloguer

When you license our Digital Library you may elect to take our EmbARK Cataloguer database for an additional fee of only $995 which is your license to use this database with all of our metadata PRE-LOADED. That is ALL the image records AND choice lists. Then use Cataloguer to add your own images and grow your collection with local content!

Robb Detlefs, EmbARK Product Manager for Gallery Systems, and Scott Gilchrist, along with Kathleen Wilson Ruffo of Archivision, have enhanced the EmbARK Cataloguer database now with up to 61 fields of data, extensive authority files, biographies, and templates with the aim of creating a TOOL for ease of data entry and management by any visual resources curator, whether in architecture, art history, a museum, or the central library of a university.

We envision this enhanced database as a starting point, from which you may add your own terms and customize it to meet your particular needs as you use it to catalogue your own material.

to take a tour of EmbARK CATALOGUER via screen shots
enter here

to view one complete image set & related data from EmbARK Cataloguer
enter here

for more info on EmbARK Cataloguer
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Research, editing and consultation for the development of the Archivision-EmbARK Cataloguer database provided by Kathleen Wilson Ruffo, Ph.D. (art history). Reference was made to the VRA-Core. Base terms for authority files are from the Art & Architecture Thesaurus™ and all creators match names and dates in ULAN. All the metadata has been checked by Susan Jane Williams, Data Specialist and User Services Liaision for Scholars Resource, and is now compliant with CCO standards.


EmbARK Web Kiosk

Web Kiosk is the "front end" or web version of EmbARK Cataloguer. You must have a license to EmbARK Cataloguer to run EmbARK Web Kiosk. With EmbARK Cataloguer you "catalogue" and manage you image collection, with Web Kiosk you share or "publish" the images and data via a restricted server for all to see and use.

for more info, and to take a tour of EmbARK WEB KIOSK via screen shots
enter here

for Web Kiosk server & system requirements you may download the PDF file by
entering here.



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