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  • 3000 photographs per art module (now 6000 combined).
  • Module A: 19 museums and sites in Florence, Naples and Rome.
  • Module B: over 45 museums and sites in Assisi, Arezzo, Bologna, Florence, Naples, Rome, Siena, Urbino, Venice and more.
  • Born-digital professional photography shot in situ during 2015 & 2016
  • All photos are up to 6,000 pixels on the long side.
  • All photos are expertly color-corrected and enhanced in Photoshop.
  • Rich VRA Core 4 metadata supplied in Excel or XML with mapping support.

  • "Your pictures are breathtaking! I really like the mix of entire works and details. I showed the new art module to our senior faculty who has worked in Italian art for years and he fell in love with your images. He kept saying “How did he get all of these? These are incredible! Buy them!”

    Chris Strasbaugh, Director of Visual Resources, History of Art, Vanderbilt University (now at Ohio State University)



    Archivision is pleased to present our SECOND annual art module: Adjunct Module B: ITALIAN ART. The new art only modules are being created in addition to our regular annual architecture modules of 6,000 images each. Each art module will have 3,000 professional quality digital images and be published in the winter, at the start of the new year. The regular architecture modules of 6,000 images will still be published late spring, as they have for over 10 years.

    Each art module holds 3,000 high resolution, quality digital photographs covering a wide range of art in Italy, from Ancient Roman—frescoes, mosaics and sculpture—to Medieval and Baroque masterworks in paintings and sculpture. Where possible extensive details were taken, which are not available from other sources. This collection is pulled from a combined collection of over 50,000 photographs taken in situ during the summer of 2015 and 2016 with many more art works following in Adjunct Module C: Italian Art (another 3,000 photos) to be published winter 2018.


    1) License fees per module of 3000 images to own in perpetuity:

      Number of Full & Part Time Students Adjunct Module A or B: Italian Art (alone) Combined with your next architecture module (-30%) Adjunct Modules A AND B: Italian Art
    1 under 12,000 $2,500* $1,750* $3,500*
    2 over 12,000 $3,000* $2,100* $4,200*
    3 over 25,000 $3,500* $2,450* $4,900*


      * In addition per order:
    • hard drive & shipping: $125 (one or two modules)
    • up to 6000** pixel JPEG files included in order (these are 4 times larger than 3000 pixel images)
    • optional TIFF upgrade: $335 / $400 for two modules
    • instant access to the new art modules in MDID or LUNA while you load: $125 per six months per module

    • ** Note: Actual size will vary due to crop but majority are 6016 pixels long side or 69 MB -- ideal for HD projectors.

    We now provide Shared Shelf users with a metadata template to the new art modules that matches the Archivision fields for easy upload.

    2) Subscription:

    If you prefer an annual subscription service with low annual fees, access these new art modules as part of our growing Archivision Research Library, which will be over 90,000 images strong by March 2017, through our Simply Subscribe or Subscribe to Own services. Choose your access interface: MDID3 or LUNA. For full information and fees please enter here.

    Did you know that Saskia Ltd. now offers subscription access to the Saskia Library, also in MDID3? Why not complement your Archivision subscription with the Saskia Library (over 34,000 mostly core art images) to create a collection of over 127,000 images? You can combine both the Archivision and the Saskia Research Libraries seamlessly in MDID3 via vrcHost) for one amazing collection of fine art, architecture, gardens, parks, landscapes, archaeological sites and so much more! Then add your own content via the very affordable vrcHost service for an even larger custom collection of professional quality hosted images, which meets YOUR specific needs. For more information about the Saskia subscription please visit For more information about vrcHost and MDID3 please visit

    3) License single images:

    You may choose to license single Archivision images or small custom-made sets that can include works from other vendors who are a part of Scholars Resource. Thematic sets are regularly announced on the VRA-Listserv too. The art only module should be available sometime in March/April 2017. For more information please visit




    We will be back in Italy and France for four weeks in the Summer of 2017 and plan to shoot many new works. Your requests and wish lists are welcome, so please don’t hesitate to contact me with your suggestions—use We can also try and re-photograph any art or architectural works where you might suggest new details or better shots. If you have access to a better color matched image we can perhaps even improve on that. Just let us know!




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Questions? Need a quote? Please email: